Hello & Welcome to Harley Quinn & Co.


My name is Erin and I am the person behind HQ&Co. I am a part time Graphic Designer, full time dachshund enthusiast, and lover of all things handwritten.

HQ&Co. is named after Harley Quinn – my sausage dog. She is the CEO and also my favourite thing in the world (insert apology to my husband here).

I have worked in marketing for the past 11+ years with experience in radio, tv and fashion marketing. After studying graphic design at Shillington College in 2014 and developing a love of lettering (and an apparent obsession with the colour pink), I decided to start Harley Quinn & Co. as my little side hustle, to not only take on freelance design work, but to share some pretty things and a bit about me along the way.

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Thanks for stopping by.

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