Hello + Welcome v2 - Copyright Harley Quinn & co


Hello there! And welcome to my shiny new website (and blog!) This project for me has been underway for some time – I’ve had wireframes, content ideas, and design plans sitting on my computer for over 2 years now, and now I’ve actually put my plans and ideas into a real life, working (hopefully) website – yippee!

If you follow me on Instagram (@harleyquinnandco) you’ll probably know a little bit about me already, but in case you don’t follow me yet (you should totally get on that!) my name is Erin, and I am a graphic designer, dachshund enthusiast, breakfast obsessed and a lover of lettering. I am also a Marketing Manager, a Taylor Swift fan, an online shopping addict and a lover of red wine + antipasto platters.

I started my little Instagram page for Harley Quinn & Co. back in June 2014, as a way to share my hand lettering progress. One of my first posts the day I started the account was a photo of some beautiful dried up flowers I had bought to photograph for my wedding invitation design, which had the caption ‘On Harley Quinn & Co. you’ll find a few of my favourite things. This will mainly consist of photos of Harley, flowers, brush lettering and design pretties.’ This is all still true today, just add to that now a few selfies – mainly when I have clean hair, photos of my favourite outfits – on the days I put a little effort in, a healthy dose of breakfast pics – it’s my favourite meal of the day, and photos of my sea-side adventures – I grew up by the ocean and always feel the happiest and calmest when its nearby.

And so i’ve now finally started a blog, this blog, so that I can keep sharing pretty much all the same stuff I share on Instagram – just hopefully more of it and in a little more detail. I am absolutely aware that there is no shortage of amazing design, fashion, + lifestyle blogs out there – I’m under no illusion that I invented post-its! This website and blog is just my little outlet to keep creating beyond my Instagram feed, and to share more of what’s on my mind, my process, and my adventures. To share some of the things that make me smile in the hopes that they make someone else smile too.

So even if there’s only one other person reading this (hi mum!), at least I know that I am creating something. Even if it is only for myself. Which was exactly how this whole thing started, and entirely the point of it all…

Thanks for checking out my new site, hope you like it!