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Choosing a pram for your little one is a big decision – it is absolutely a personal choice, and with so many options and brands available, it can be completely overwhelming. If you’re about to start the hunt for your perfect pram, here are some things I took into consideration when looking for mine which I thought might help, because when I started looking I had no idea where to even start…


I didn’t even know this was a thing! A capsule basically removes the need to take your beb in and out of its car seat in between trips – if they fall asleep in the car you can lift the whole thing out, with your little one still asleep, and clip it into place onto the pram, or carry the baby inside undisturbed. Which sounds great – sleeping babies can stay sleeping, which any new parent will tell you is worth its weight in gold. Though as lovely as this sounds, we opted for a pram and seperate car seat for a few reasons.

1. we don’t actually drive many places – living in close proximity to cafes, shops, and beautiful areas to walk, means that I tend to walk most places even though I have a car. The rare times we do drive somewhere we are happy to chance having to wake the beb up to head inside.

2. Babies can outgrow their capsules quite quickly, by which point you need to buy a car seat anyway. And based on the size of both my husband and I when we were tiny humans, I was guessing our beb wouldn’t be on the super small side…

3. We liked the idea of having a pram with a bassinet top, so the baby can keep sleeping comfortably after our walk. I thought bassinets just look like they have a bit more room to grow, and who wouldn’t like being pushed around in a little bed?

I have to say, this is all personal preference, I have friends who have capsules and love them, and we really love our bassinet pram (which converts into a stroller for when the beb is 6+ months), so really it depends on your usage and lifestyle as to which benefits speak to you the most!


I wanted my beb to be super comfortable in their pram, since I intended to (and do!) use it every day. I also wanted it to feel comfortable for me to push around every day – it needed to be compact enough that I could weave in and out of shopping aisles easily, but sturdy enough for longer walks (I needed a reason to justify the post-baby increase in activewear purchases.)


Prams can be HEAVY. Make sure you go and look at the pram you are interested in in person to ensure it’s comfortable for you, your lifestyle, and also, very importantly MAKE SURE YOU CAN LIFT IT AND SET IT UP/UNPACK IT YOURSELF! If you’re like me, and don’t do weight training/much training at all (does carrying a sausage dog around the house count? probs not…) then you may find some of the heavier/bulkier prams are too difficult to lift and unpack yourself. From my online research I already had in my mind the style and brand of pram I thought I wanted, but when I visited a store to give it a test drive, I found it was way too heavy for me. There was no way I was going to be able to pack it up and lift it into the boot of my car on my own! After doing some more research, I found a pram that was similar in style to what I wanted, but waaaay lighter and easier for me to manoeuvre.


You learn pretty quickly that babies are not cheap. And the pram is one of those things that can cost you big bucks, so consider what you want to spend before you fall in love with a pram that might be way out of your price range. Luckily these days there are prams to suit all budgets, and there are some really great brands offering great value products without compromising on functionality or style.


This brings me to my last major consideration –  I wanted something that was stylish, modern, featuring beautiful fabric, in a colour palette that was gender neutral (our beb’s gender was a surprise on arrival) and also suited my wardrobe (fluro tends to clash with blush pink). If I was going to use it every day, I wanted to love it. It needed to suit my style. I opted for a beautiful light grey pram with black finishings – goes with everything!

So, after all of our searching which pram did we pick? We chose the Jive Platinum in Glacier Grey by Redsbaby

PRAM PIC - Harley Quinn and co

It is suuuuper light, feels luxurious and sophisticated, is made from beautiful quality fabrics with cute little details (like the embroidered ‘with you for the journey’ on the lid, SO CUTE!), has plenty of much needed storage underneath, and the whole pram packs down easily. It’s easy to manoeuvre, comfortable for both me and my beb – it is a key part of our daily adventures, and even home to a few sneaky post-walk naps in the lounge room as well. Now I just need to find one in my size so that someone can push me around while I nap…


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