from positano with love


Oh, Positano. Where do I even begin?

Positano in Summer is pretty much what dreams are made of. Great food. Stunning views. And the most beautiful water you’ll ever see. The Amalfi Coast is just incredible, do yourself a favour and plan a holiday there immediately.

Romantic, relaxing, delicious and dreamy. This is how I’ll remember Positano…

POSITANO - Harley Quinn and Co

Where we stayed:

Hotel Il Gabbiano

We booked our Positano accommodation a little too late to be picky, but we accidentally (and luckily) struck gold with our hotel room. Having spent hours trawling through AirBnb and various other booking sites only to see that everything we liked was either wayyyy too expensive to justify or was booked out entirely, we came across a place that looked like it offered a decent outlook, was relatively close to the beaches and town, and looked comfortable (and colourful). Upon check in, we were so excited to see the stunning views from our balcony, and knew straight away we’d be spending our evenings here, sipping prosecco and watching the sun set over the ocean. The continental breakfast was great, the staff were lovely, and the valet parking was a necessity – having driven our little Fiat 500 down the coast from Pompeii, we were in no mood to negotiate parking on the tiny streets of Positano!

What we did:

In summary we ate a lot, sipped wine on our balcony, swam in the most beautiful waters in the world, and spent a magical four days soaking up the Positano sun.

More specifically, we…

Walked a lot. Be prepared to climb millions of stairs, trekking to and from the beach. Staying further up the hill has the benefit of beautiful views, but comes at the cost of having to walk in the Italian heat to and from your hotel. We would usually leave early in the morning and then spend the entire day out, only heading home to get ready for dinner (and drinks on our aforementioned balcony). You get used to the walk, and if stairs aren’t your thing, you can walk the ‘long way’ down the winding road to the middle of Positano.

Ate on average three sorbets a day. We were spoiled for choice and didn’t turn down an opportunity to sample the sorbet from as many places as possible. My fav? The famous lemon sorbet served in a legit actual frozen lemon. Get these in a little cafe near the dock where the boats leave to go to Capri – you’ll see them in the window. I had atleast one a day, sometimes two. And that’s only because my husband wouldn’t let me eat more than that – unsupervised I would have been a danger to myself.

Hired a private boat to circumnavigate the Island of Capri. Because there’s no better way to do it. There are so many places that offer boat tours (you can get info from the various stalls along the pier), and if you feel like splurging, get a private one so that you can dictate where you want to go. We swam in tiny caves that open up to be magnificent grottos, bypassed the larger boats filled with people to squeeze into smaller bays where you can jump off the rocks, decided we didn’t want to wait to see the blue grotto and chose to spend extra time diving into the crystal clear water of a nearby cave – the luxury of having our own boat meant that we could decide how long we wanted to spend at each place we stopped. It was honestly the best day of our entire holiday. We also got a ‘lemon sorbet in a lemon’ that day, so that also helped.

Had a romantic dinner at Da Gabrisa Restaurant & Wine Bar. We walked past this place on our first day, and immediately went inside to book ourselves an outside table for the following night. Seated on the edge of the Positano Hills, the views were spectacular, and it was also one of the best meals of the trip.

Hired some chairs and umbrellas and spent the day swimming at Fornillo Beach. A small walk along the cliffs from the main town of Positano, Fornillo is slightly less crowded than the main town beach, though at the time we were there we were still lucky to get two seats next to each other! The water was ridiculous, and with a bar just metres from our umbrellas we enjoyed a few cheeky ciders in the sun, taking turns between reading, and diving into the ocean. We could not have been happier.

The Amalfi Coast is a place i’ll never forget, and will always dream of re-visiting. Until next time, Positano.

Next stop: Croatia